Multi-head Weigher, Form, Fill and Seal
VFFS. Vertically Forming, Filling and Sealing of produce - these machines may include linear weighers, combination weighers, and conveyors and/or machine buckets to divert products in a tray ...


  • Multihead Weighing Machines

    These multihead weigher machines are suitable for both food and non-food products. Several machines have different weighing capacity and have unique functions individually so to eliminate unnecessary features – different models have diverse number of head hopper from 10 to 30. A VFFS equipment that provides better productivity and reliability, meeting several businesses weighing to packing requirements.

  • Vertical Form Fill and Seal

    These VFFS machines are crafted with superior raw materials that made it globally accepted with certifications. Designed to form pre-made bags and pack grains, candies, chocolate, pellets, pet foods, seeds, nuts, and many more. Also equipped and enhanced to mix products with accuracy and consistency in turn making way for a more productive and effective operation.

  • Conveyors and Options

    Conveyors for optimisation of your product flow in connection with building full packaging lines.

  • Rotary Packaging Systems

    Packaging systems that particularly caters to various industries with products in the range of: grains, granules, pet foods, candies, biscuits, chips, nuts and many more. These arrays of packaging systems are set to optimize the production of the warehouse, eliminating downtime and delays whilst creating an increase in output compared to manual processes. Completing feeding of produce, weighing accurately and precisely, filling into pre-made bags of different types and dimension, sealing and printing of needed information to finished products.

  • Vacuum/Gas horizontal flow packaging

    Packaging in trays made inline with vacuum and option of adding gas sealing with printed barrier film. 

  • Full Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine

    A full set of VFFS machine that aids in weighing of goods to sealing of product package. This line of weighing and packaging ensures quality and accuracy through its reliable weighing hopper. Also equipped with durable stainless steel to operate in harsh conditions without degrading the integrity of finished product and production processes. The weigher, conveyor, platform, and elevator can be purchased individually or as a complete quad pouch packaging machine.

  • Mini Auto Feed Scale Tabletop

    Mini Auto Feed Scale Tabletop that has two versions of Vibration Channel for Feeding and Vibration Bowl for Feeding. Suits for grains, seeds, tea, beans, nuts, powder, coffee powder.

  • Auger Fillers

    Auger fillers are used to fill power products, were these can stand on their own in the auger filler tube, typical products are milk powder, flour and similar. Not suited for product like sugar and products that can't withstand compression such as instant coffee which is often filled by volume. 

  • Doybag Solutions

    Sal-Tech Easy Packaging (STEP) and partners cooperates to give you reliable and efficient daybag packaging solutions. In collaboration, primarily to enhance a simpler way to form, fill, and seal manufactured goods without cutting innovation and efficiency for long term operation. These said automated machines are precisely crafted and developed promoting freshness, precision and high standard condition of packed produce as well as upholding a smooth equipment performance, promising a leap towards attaining desired productivity rate.

  • Packaging Lines for Liquid, Pulp and Paste

    Complete Packaging Lines for Liquids, Pulps, Cremes or Sauce Filling into plastic containers, pouches or doybags

  • STEP VFFS Best Price Machines in Class
    STEP VFFS - Best Price in class - As to size needed it is our recommendation to best OEM product within specification class - Lowest price and best specification = BEST VALUE
  • STEP Y Series VFFS machines

    STEP Y series of Vertical Form, Fill and Seal series of products comes from same OEM supplier making it easy to contract a full line for your factory.  

  • Vibrator
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