New rules for the Safety of air freight shipments.

New rules for the Safety of air freight shipments

Air freight shipments have since the events of 11 September 2001 have had to been specially protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

From 29 April 2013 new rules will apply in the air freight sector across the EU, now were tightened safety regulations. Under the new rules, the cargo of a company shall not be considered "safe" if this official status "officially acknowledged known consignor" is not given.

The main issue is here that the old agreement of "known consignor" will from 29 April be invalid. The status must therefore from each of the companies concerned be renewed.

An important part of the new regulation is to secure air cargo against tampering and unauthorized access. In this context, STEP Strap, having your printed name on the strap will help to ensure this status. Thus, the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration for approval to support meaningful known consignor will be supported - and at the same time it gets your companies name around the world.

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New rules for the Safety of air freight shipments.